ACTV Loves James Arthur’s X-Factor Audition

This video is of the very talented James Arthur Performing Tulisa’s song Young, James transformed a Ibiza Dance Track to a beautiful, soulful and raw performance that blew away people from all the around the UK.  After hearing his inspirational life story, people’s heartstrings were left feeling well and truly tugged at. Mashing up Tulisa’s Forever Young with some of his own lyrics, the Judges were left spellbound. X-Factor has been slated at times for creating manufactured artists but James Arthur showed people what X-Factor should be about. There is no doubt that this is my favorite ever audition.

James Arthur is a singer/songwriter from Saltburn (UK) James is currently in a band they write and perform songs inspired by things that are going on in life and the rehearsal room, the result is an interesting output of funk, soul, RnB & Pop. Currently hard at work in the studio, the band are working on a number of tracks which will be released through 2012 onwards, as well as playing some great shows.
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